Come See The New ‘Fortnite’ Mystery Orb That Will Probably Destroy The Island

Yesterday was Fortnite’s giant monster versus mecha showdownwhere the two giant entities fought all over the top of the map leaving uh, surprisingly little destruction in their wake.

It was kind of weird, as everyone assumed that part of the map being reshaped would be in the aftermath of destruction caused by this fight, and yet the only new addition to the map is the sword planted in the skull of the monster outside of Neo Tilted. No points of interest of any significance got wrecked.

That…could be about to change.

Something happened during the fight that appears to have caused repercussions after the fact. At one point, the cuddle mecha gets his arm ripped off by the monster, and in desperation, plunged his remaining arm into the device at Loot Lake to extract energy from it to keep fighting and ultimately win.

Now, however, if you return to Loot Lake, there is a giant orb floating over the center of the device. And even the in the limited time it’s been live, it’s already changing, destabilizing. Here’s what it looked like yesterday when I first started taking pictures:

The idea is that this energy orb is going to be the “change catalyst” for the map this season, like the volcano and comet before it. And given the fact that this Loot Lake device is powerful enough to power an entire city, Neo Tilted, if this orb is the manifestation of that energy, and it’s destabilizing rapidly, well, then, this could be…bad.

And by bad, I mean good, because we might be heading toward a long-held fan theory that at some point, we are getting a clean slate wipe of the entire Fortnite map, and starting over with an entire new one. It would take some massive measure of destruction to make that happen, but giant energy orb could in fact be the ticket.

We are approaching season 10, and while Fortnite is still hugely popular, it’s fallen from its peaks. An entirely new map could be what the game needs as a big refresh to get players interested again, and I could see this happening as a big change to the game after the first annual World Cup ends after next weekend, which could be the final “farewell” to the old map.

Of course we’re getting ahead of ourselves and it’s possible this might not happen. The orb could blow up a smaller area of the map and we just get a more traditional refresh with a couple new zones. Or it may not blow up at all and Epic has something else in store for it, always full of surprises, you never know.

Personally, I am rooting for the destruction of the island just because I think it would be extremely cool and fun to discover an all new area and zones. But we’ll have to wait at least another week to see what happens.

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