Fortnite World Cup themed Battle Bus revealed in latest leak

The Fortnite World Cup Finals festival begins on July 26 and will bring with it some in-game cosmetics and features for fans to enjoy. In a new leak, data miners have uncovered a FWC Battle Bus will arrive next weekend.

As the Fortnite World Cup Finals approach, Epic’s building up an arsenal of exclusive event content. In v9.40 leaks on July 17, data miners discovered two FWC skins as well as a Back Bling.

Now, we’re getting more information about what we can expect. The Battle Bus looks to be receiving a revamp to its appearance. It seems Epic will be going all in to promote competitive Fortnite in the coming weeks.

Fortnite World Cup Battle Bus Leaked

The World Cup Finals will be the largest esports event by prize pool in history. $30,000,000 dollars are on the line for over one hundred players.

We’ve seen Fortnite esports lack the same punch as its casual playerbase’s dominion over the rest of the industry. While the general game destroys others in projected player numbers, recent reports have shown Epic’s inability to translate that to the esports arena. So, Epic wants to spread the message better going into the Finals.

A new leak reveals that the Battle Bus will be receiving a revamped appearance for the Finals weekend. The new look was shown off on the FortniteBR subreddit by u/spedicey1.

Alright, we’re not aerodynamics experts, but we certainly hope that something like this could be done in real life. This new design is absolutely perfect! In terms of promotional value, every single player who signs into the game will see “Fortnite World Cup” meaning a definite spike in viewership.

The event also has one thing going for it that other games can’t currently match. Epic Games has stated that spectators will be able to view players’ specific perspectives from the game client. With that said, the last Pro-Am saw a major dip in viewership.

Fortnite World Cup Cosmetics Inbound

As we mentioned briefly before, Epic isn’t just updating the Battle Bus. Players will get the chance to receive or purchase (unclear at this time) FWC cosmetics. Currently, we know that there will be a Fishstick (male) & Ramirez (Female) skin for the event along with a Back Bling cape with the FWC logo.

The loading screen has also been leaked by ShiinaBR along with the skins. You can see it above.

As of July 18, there have been no leaks on how players will be able to obtain these cosmetics. We’ll be sure to let you know as soon as anything pops up.

You can see additional information along with images and videos of these leaked cosmetics in our dedicated v9.40 leaks article. The piece also includes dozens of videos of other upcoming cosmetics like the Mika & Bachii Outfits! They’ve got a really cool Japanese vibe mixed in with Season 9’s futuristic themes.

So, we’ve got to ask…will you be viewing the Fortnite World Cup Finals? If so, what platform will you be viewing the event from? Leave your answer in the Comments Below!

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