There’s a giant pink robot in Fortnite now

And a countdown to something big happening on Saturday

We’re nearing the end of season 9 of Fortnite, which can only mean one thing: another massive live event is on the horizon. And the teases have already started. Over the past week or so, in the lead-up to season 10, a massive robot has slowly been assembled inside of a now-dormant volcano (the same one that erupted in season 8, drastically changing Fortnite’s island).

It started with a mysterious metal foot appearing, and for the last few days a giant, headless mech dominated the island’s landscape. Now the mechanical creation is finished and it looks like a cross between Voltron and Fortnite’s iconic Cuddle Team Leader character. You can check out the towering robot in the game right now.

Earlier this season, a giant monster, which had been frozen beneath a castle, began swimming around the island. This, combined with the robot, has led many to believe that a Pacific Rim-style mech-vs-kaiju battle is on the horizon. There have been other small changes around the map as well. The massive power cord that runs from Loot Lake to Neo Tilted has been slightly damaged, and there are various warning signs in the city along with Mega Mall, suggesting a change is on the way for the game’s more futuristic locations.

While we don’t know what’s going to happen, we at least know when it’ll be happening. Along with the construction of the robot, a series of countdown clocks have also popped up across the island, at each of the floating sky platforms. According to the countdown, you’ll want to be in the game on Saturday, July 20th, at 2PM ET.

Whatever ends up happening, these kinds of world-changing events are becoming the norm for Fortnite, particularly when it comes time to kick off a new season. Previous events have included a dramatic rocket launch, an in-game Marshmello concert, a rolling purple cube that opened a portal to a different dimension, and a massive snowstorm created by an undead ice king. With giant robots and monsters, the latest is shaping up to be the biggest yet.

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