A Powerful New Shotgun Is Coming Soon To ‘Fortnite: Battle Royale’

This new shotgun is blasting its way into Fortnite very soon.

Now that’s one mean looking gun. It’s also a surprise to the Fortnite community.


It’s the new Epic and Legendary variant of the Tactical Shotgun, a gun that’s been in the game since the very beginning. It’s a surprise because dataminers never found it in any of the game’s files, something that almost always happens when a new weapon or item comes to Fortnite.

We don’t know much about this new shotgun yet, but we do know it looks pretty rad. I’m also wondering what’s up with the sheer number of new shotguns we’ve seen introduced over the past couple of months. Let’s see, there’s . . . .

  • The Combat Shotgun—one of the community’s favorite new weapons and a gun you don’t want to be without.
  • The Drum Shotgun—an automatic shotgun that can mow down enemy players in seconds with its rapid-fire shot.
  • And now this new Tac Shotgun which is described in the in-game news feed thusly: “Get up close and personal with the new Epic and Legendary variants of the Tactical Shotgun!”

That’s a lot of new shotguns. Epic even unvaulted the Pump, though now that the Combat Shotgun is a thing nobody really uses it these days. (Or do they? I don’t seem to see it often but I could be wrong.) I tend toward the Combat Shotgun because of its great mix of range and power, but that Drum Shotgun—in the right hands—is super deadly.

It sounds like the new Tactical Shotgun will be close range and very powerful. I wonder what will differentiate it from the (now-vaulted) Heavy Shotgun? The Double-Barreled Shotgun is also in the vault at the moment. Boy that’s a lot of different shotguns. What’s your favorite? What’s your favorite shotgun in a video game ever?


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