‘Fortnite’: Will The Stranger Things Event Get An LTM?

Stranger Things Season 3 is out on Netflix, and we’ve got a Fortniteevent to go with it. This isn’t surprising: Epic’s battle royale title has been hitting a good chunk of recent pop culture phenomenons from the Avengers to John Wick, the Super Bowl and DJ Marshmello. The game had been teasing this event for weeks, starting with when an ice cream shop from the show showed up inside the game and escalating to some portals from the upside down making an appearance in Mega Mall. Now that the show is out, the event has begun in earnest, with Epic announcing it the night before the new season went live.

There’s something strange about this particular crossover, however: at the moment, it’s just skins. We’ve got Chief Hopper and the Demogorgon, two admittedly cool ways to play dress-up as a character from the series, but not quite as much as we’ve seen with previous events. The Avengers probably got the most elaborate one, with Thanos and his armies battling it out against a team of heroes–or Fortnite characters with hero-like abilities–for control of the Infinity Stones. But other events have been pretty impressive too, from the Wick’s bounty take on battle royale to the ambitious if pretty unworkable skateboarding-ish mode for Air Jordan. Technically even the NFL got an LTM, when players faced off on the gridiron dressed up as the Super Bowl teams.

Logic would dictate that we’d get an LTM for Stranger Things as well, but we haven’t heard anything about it yet, either in datamined files or official announcements. This would make sense with the game’s schedule: the developers are on vacation right now, and I expect when they get back they’re going to be busy with whatever is going on with that giant robot and monster that are hanging out on the map right now. Cramming a new themed LTM into what’s already a pretty packed schedule for Epic Games.

So I wouldn’t necessarily count on an LTM with this one. Which is fine: there would have maybe been an opportunity for some sort of asymmetric mode about hunting the Demogorgon, but Stranger Things doesn’t really lend itself as well to the gameplay here as some other properties. I could be wrong, but right now it looks like it’s skins only.

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