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Fortnite season 9, week 9 challenges and where to launch fireworks

Fortnite season 9, week 9 challenges are up, which means the season is close to ending. Those who want all the seasonal rewards will need to move fast through these challenges before it’s too late. 

Free challenges

  • Use a Chug Jug or a Chug Splash in different matches (0/3)
  • Visit a solar array in the snow, desert, and the jungle (0/1)
  • Stage 1 of 5: Get an elimination with a Common rarity weapon (0/1)
    Stage 2 of 5: Get an elimination with an Uncommon rarity weapon (0/1)
    Stage 3 of 5: Get an elimination with a Rare rarity weapon (0/1)
    Stage 4 of 5: Get an elimination with an Epic rarity weapon (0/1)
    Stage 5 of 5: Get an elimination with a Legendary rarity weapon (0/1)

Battle Pass challenges

  • Deal headshot damage (0/500)
  • Search chests at Lazy Lagoon or Happy Hamlet (0/7)
  • Eliminate opponents in different Named Locations (0/5)
  • Deal damage to an opponent within 10s of landing from a Volcano Vent (0/200)

Use a Chug Jug or a Chug Splash in 3 different matches — 5 Battle Stars

Chug Jug and Chug Splash are two healing items that can be found throughout the island. Of the two, the Chug Splash is the most common one available. Find one and give yourself or teammate a quick heal. 

Where to visit a solar array in the snow, desert and jungle — 5 Battle Stars

Solar arrays are the groups of solar panels placed in certain parts of the island. This challenge can be completed in any order and the arrays can be seen from the map. For the snow, head to Frosty Flights and you’ll see them near the hangar. The desert solar array is just west of the John Wick house. Northwest of Sunny Steps near the water is the third array in the jungle. 

Get an elimination with a common, uncommon, rare, epic and legendary weapon — 10 Battle Stars

Getting an elimination with a rare, epic or legendary weapon is a piece of cake. These weapons have a lot of firepower making eliminations easy. As for common and uncommon weapons, focus on rushing for weapons at the beginning of a match and you’ll likely get one of the two. Look for an easy target such as someone scrambling for a weapon in order to get the elimination.

How to deal 500 headshot damage — 10 Battle Stars

Players should be constantly aiming for the head with any weapon except for rocket launchers and shotguns. To complete this task quickly, look for a rifle for those big damage numbers. 

Search 7 chests at Lazy Lagoon or Happy Hamlet — 5 Battle Stars

Either location won’t be crawling with players so whichever you prefer will work. Happy Hamlet may have a few more folks because of certain challenges, but both spots won’t be too crazy. 

Eliminate 5 opponents in different Named Locations — 10 Battle Stars

Progressing through a match will slowly chip away at this challenge. Just make an effort to stop by different locations as the storm circle closes in. 

Deal 200 damage to an opponent within 10s of landing from a Volcano Vent — 10 Battle Stars

The bad news is that most of the Volcano Vents are, as the name says, near the Volcano and Pressure Plant. The good news is that a giant robot is being built at the plant making the place more likely to have players coming around to check it out, which means there will be plenty of targets to choose from. 

14 Days of Summer Challenges

Epic on Monday revealed the start date for the Fortnite 14 Days of Summer event. Starting on Tuesday, players got access to new challenges, limited time modes (LTMs) and unvaulted weapons each day. One of the LTMs returning for 14 Days of Summer is the John Wick’s Bounty mode that came out around the time of the release of John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum.

Data miners found the 14 Days of Summer challenges in the v9.30 update released last Tuesday. Completing challenges will earn players sprays, toys and other in-game content. 

Dance at 6 different beach parties

Added at the start of the 14 Days of Summer were several beach party spots across the map. Contrary to the name, these beach parties are not at all near the beach. Be on the lookout for umbrellas, balloons and folding chairs indicating the party. The map below will show the six locations. Head over to each one, do a dance and you’ll receive the Dive In emote. 

Bounce a giant beach ball in 5 different matches 

There are three giant beach balls on the island. One is just south of The Block, another is west of Dusty Divot and the third is on the northwest road in Paradise Palms. Bouncing a ball simply means run up to it and bump it. Hopefully, you’ll get their first before other players bounce the ball farther away. A new summer-themed loading screen is the prize for those players who complete the challenge.

5 Eliminations with the daily unvaulted weapon or a Drumgun

Each day of 14 Days of Summer will have another weapon unvaulted. So far it’s been the Quad Launcher, Burst Assault Rifle and the Light Machine Gun, but they’re only available for 24 hours. Find one of these weapons or the Drumgun then take out five other players to complete this challenge and receive the Water Balloon toy. 

Thank the Bus Driver and finish Top 20 in 5 different matches

The latest 14 Days of Summer challenge require players to be polite before they go out and kick some ass. Fortnite season 5 added the option for players to thank the driver of the Battle Bus before jumping out. For this challenge, you will have to thank the bus driver and shoot for a top 20 finish in five matches. If going solo is too tough then players can join a squad for a better chance. The reward for completing this challenge is the Perfect Blend emoji.

Where to pop 5 party balloon decorations

This challenge is in direct relation to the first challenge of the 14 Days of Summer. At every beach party is a ballon that can be popped. Follow the map above for the parties and use a pickaxe or gun to pop the balloons. The reward for completing this challenge is the sun spray.

Search for 3 unicorn floaties at swimming holes

Day 6’s 14 Days of Summer Challenge has players going on a search for unicorns. Unicorn floaties, that is. These floating inflatables are found in pools, rivers, ponds and lakes. Check out the map below for the spots to find the unicorn floaties. Players completing this challenge will receive the Neon Tropics weapon wrap.

Hit 3 players with a water balloon in different matches

The Water Balloon toy was a reward for a previous 14 Days of Summer challenge and is required for this task. If you have the toy, make sure to equip it before a match. When used, your character will pull out a water balloon and quickly throw in whichever direction you’re facing. Hitting three other players with a balloon in different matches is required to complete this challenge, but luckily, they can be teammates or throw one in the face of an opponent as an insult. Completing the task will give players a new loading screen.


Bounce off a giant beach umbrella in 3 different matches

The 14 Days of Summer is. past the halfway mark with this giant beach umbrella challenge. There are six umbrellas on the map, and all that’s required is to jump on one. Only one is needed per match. See the map below for where the giant beach umbrellas are. The reward for finishing this challenge is a rubber ducky banner.

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