14 Days Of ‘Fortnite’ Day 9 Challenge: How To Score Trick Points With A Driftboard With ‘Neon Tropics’ Applied To It

For Day 9 of the ’14 Days Of Fortnite’ event, you’ll need to score 250,000 trick points on a Driftboard—though they’re more like surfboards now that summer is upon us.

Scoring points on a Driftboard isn’t particularly difficult in Fortnite: Battle Royale. The best way is to go to the jungle and fly over a couple Volcano Vents, then just spin around in the air and make sure you stick the landing. Crashing doesn’t net you any points.

Since it’s easy to find a Driftboard in the jungle region (see map below) this makes it even more ideal.

You can easily score over a million trick points at once using a Volcano Vent, so this is pretty easy. But there’s a bit of a twist.

In order to complete the challenge you need to equip the ‘Neon Tropics’ wrap to your vehicles. This is what it looks like:

Don’t worry, this isn’t part of the Season 9 Battle Pass and you can’t get it in the Item Shop. In order to acquire the Neon Tropics wrap you need to complete the Day 6 challenge, which tasks players with finding 3 Unicorn Floaties.

Fortunately, we have a guide to help you find those. Searching just three floaties will earn you the Neon Tropics wrap and allow you to complete this challenge. Simply equip the wrap on your vehicles before a match, head down to the map below and then ride a Volcano Vent. If at first you don’t succeed, try try again.

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