‘Fortnite’ Giant Umbrella Locations: Where To Bounce Off A Giant Umbrella In Different Matches

Time to keep making our way through Fortnite’s 14 Days of Summer, which so far has tasked us with all manner of fun in the sun mixed, of course, with the occasional fight to the death. That’s Fortnite for you: dancing at a beach party, scoring headshots with the unvaulted burst assault rifle. But we’re moving through these challenges in search of that coveted Peely back bling, so that Bunker Jonesy can take his friend with him wherever he goes instead of just, you know, wearing his skin. Read on for a map and guide for all Giant Umbrella locations in Fortnite: Battle Royale.


Technically I suppose you only need The convenient thing about this is that the umbrellas are giant and yellow, so they’re sort of hard to miss. They function like the air vents, so don’t expect a glider-redeploy after you bounce off one. You can clearly build up to one of these if you prefer, but the easiest way to do this is just to hit it at the beginning of the match and then go on your merry way. Technically I suppose you only need one to complete this, as you can just use it in each different match. But here are a bunch of the locations:

Again, the best way to do this is to select a landing zone and just sort of scan the horizon. Do you see a giant yellow umbrella sticking up anywhere? Go bounce on it. If you want to get creative, party balloons also spawn at each of these things, so you can pop a few of those to finish an earlier challenge and then head off to bounce a beach ball if you want to be efficient about things.


We’re well into the 14 Days of Summer event at this point, and it feels like it’s going well. Like Fortbytes it offers a chance for small, daily engagement, which is always what I want from a game like this: the opportunity to check in and be a part of the world for a moment. Check back later for more guides as challenges become available.

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