‘Fortnite’ Fortbyte #67 Location: Accessible By Flying The Retaliator Glider Through The Rings Under The Southern Most Sky Platform

Well today’s Fortnite Fortbyte is quite the mouthful.

Fortbyte #67 is “Accessible by Flying the Retaliator Glider through the rings under the southern most Sky Platform” which, yeah, that’s almost too long to put in a headline but I did it anyway!

In any case, it’s yet another ring-diving challenge, which are fine I suppose, though this is actually a triangular ring gliding challenge rather than diving.

In any case, here’s where you can find Fortbyte #67 and what you’ll need to access it.

First off, you’ll need to be pretty far along in the Season 9 Battle Pass. The Retaliator Glider is unlocked at Tier 79, which you probably should be at or nearly at by now if you’re hoping to get to Tier 100 by season’s end.

Then you’ll need to find the southernmost Sky Platform which is right here:

With the Retaliator Glider equipped, fly toward the Sky Platform. You’ll see a spinning triangle off to the side of the Platform. It’s not very big, so you’ll need to have good aim. There are a total of four of these that you’ll need to fly through in a row and you’ll nab the Byte after passing through the final one.

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