Fortnite Player Recreates Pokemon Red

Most Fortnite players use the Creative mode to build challenging entertaining maps with the hopes of having them selected to be in spotlight of The Block while others use the tools Epic Games has provided to recreate memorable maps or scenes from other games. One player has done the latter and built a map that walks players through the first few stages of Pokemon Redright up into Mt. Moon. It’s only the first part of the recreation as well, so there’s likely going to be more to come.

A Reddit user by the name of FiveWalnut8586 (who you may have also seen as josh822382 in past uploads) shared the video below to show what Pokemon Red looks like in Fortnite. Narrating the walkthrough with text in case it’s been a while since you played the Pokemon game, players start in Pallet Town before selecting their “starter” and heading into the tall grass in search of adventure. After passing through Viridian City and into the dense forest that the player has filled with more grass and trees, you’ll find yourself in Pewter City for a gym battle against a big Onyx.

The whole map is impressive, but the fight against Onyx is one of the most creative parts. Using one of the explosive barrels that Epic Games added to the Creative mode back in April, players have to use their “starter” to aim for the Onyx’s head to blow up the rock formation. Once you get past Onyx and respawn again, you’re free to head to Mt. Moon where you’ll see that Team Rocket has already set up shop.

If you want to check out Pokemon Red in Fortnite for yourself, the user’s code for the Creative map is listed above. Within one of the posts on Reddit, the user acknowledged that there might be a problem players encounter with the respawn system, so just keep respawning until you’re in the house if that happens.

For those who do try out the player’s creation, it might not be the first time that you’ve played around in something made by them. The same user appears to be responsible for the build above that was called Salty Scorpion and was at one point featured in The Block.

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