ONLY Select countries can now purchase the Fortnite ‘Shadows Rising’ pack ?!

is the US one of them ??? check it out below..

Epic Games began to push out the ‘Shadows Rising’ Fortnite cosmetic pack to select countries on June 26, and should be available worldwide shortly!

Tons of Fortnite fans love to boast the latest cosmetics to hit the market, especially with the Item Shop updating every 24 hours.

June 26 saw the latest cosmetic pack to be released for Fortnite, ‘Shadows Rising’ which includes three outfits with a black and white theme, which might be appealing to those players who are tired of the bright colored skins.

What is in the Shadow’s Rising pack?

The ‘Shadows Rising’ pack will cost players $19.99 and the included items will transfer to Fortnite Battle Royale and Creative.

Here are all the items included in the pack:

  • Shadow Skully Outfit
  • Shadowbird Outfit
  • Perfect Shadow Outfit
  • Stark Satchel Back Bling
  • Shadowbird Wings Back Bling
  • Perfect Wings Back Bling
  • Array Weapon Wrap

For those who like to purchase complete sets, there is a ‘Shadows Rising’ themed pickaxe which is available in the Item Shop.

How do you purchase the pack?

In order to purchase the ‘Shadows Rising’ pack, you will need to go to your platform’s digital store.

Xbox players will need to go to the Microsoft store while PlayStation owners will need to go to the PlayStation Store.

PC players can find the pack within the client’s store, which is the tab all the way to the right.

Unlike other packs, this one does not come with any V-Bucks.

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