Fortnite gave a classic outfit a $15 makeover for the summer, and fans are not happy

Summer Drift is the latest outfit in “Fortnite,” and the full pack costs $15.
 “Fortnite”/Epic Games

“Fortnite” has generated more than one billion dollars through the sale of customizable items like new outfits and gear that players collect for their characters in the free to play game. But now, a newly added outfit has some “Fortnite” fans worried that their digital purchases could be losing value.

The most coveted items in “Fortnite” are complete outfits — known as “skins” — that fully transform the look of your character. Many of the game’s most impressive outfits are only available for a limited-time, giving players an added incentive to put in extra playtime or pay cash for the coolest looks.

Having exclusive outfits is a mark of pride within the Fortnite’ community – some players are actually bullied for playing with a generic “no-skin” character.

Summer Drift is a variation of the original Drift skin released last year.
 “Fortnite”/Epic Games

“Fortnite’s” latest skin is called Summer Drift, a seasonal variation of an outfit released in July 2018. The original Drift skin was included in “Fortnite’s” Season 5 battle pass, a $10 purchase that lets players unlock a variety of items and outfits. “Fortnite” creator Epic Gameshas said that battle pass outfits will be exclusive to that particular season, so only players who purchased the battle pass last year will be able to use the original Drift outfit.

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